Helping 30,000 crew members send money home

Case study: ShipMoney’s global payment operations are plain sailing with our Partner API solution

US company ShipMoney runs a prepaid card program that enables cruise and shipping lines to pay crews who rarely have access to bank accounts or cash.

The program serves nearly 30,000 employees worldwide, many of whom need to make regular payments back home.

To enable them to do this quickly, efficiently and at a time that suits them, ShipMoney introduced our Partner API solution into their software, creating a cost-effective crew wire payment solution to bank accounts worldwide in more than 100 currencies.

“By leveraging the technology platforms between the two companies, we have created a very robust and flexible solution for crew remittances”

Stuart Ostrow, President, ShipMoney

With our AFEX API solution working discreetly in the background, card holders need only log into their ShipMoney account, push a button that says ‘SEND MONEY HOME’ and their transaction will be processed. Simplicity itself. Saving time and money compared with visiting money transfer agents in port.

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