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Our specialized materials and dedicated assistance are helping to empower developers with the knowledge and confidence they need to implement our API solutions and deliver their business objectives. 

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Technical hub

Our support team will be on hand at every stage to help make the API integration process as seamless and as straightforward as possible. Get in touch if you need support with anything, from design and architecture to business logic and time management.

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User stories

With a suite of sophisticated payment features, our global payment API solutions are transforming businesses worldwide. Explore the benefits we offer – from currency risk management to profit sharing.

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Release notes

Our carefully curated documentation includes walk-through guides to client onboarding, beneficiary management, window forwards and creating payments.

API Docs

Our API is built by developers for developers making it straightforward to integrate with your systems.

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With ships’ crews operating across the world, ShipMoney relies on the AFEX Partner API to ensure that nearly 30,000 global employees – all of whom have unique currency needs – can send money home to their families.