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Feature Summary – November  20, 2020

 AFEX’s November release sees the inclusion of a new Use Case Library as well as other enhancements to both AFEX’s Postman documentation and the API collection. These API documentation additions/enhancements have been implemented to help our partners begin testing our API services more swiftly as well as supporting them with their understanding of how AFEX’s API services can be used to solve for different requirements.

  • Use Case Library: A new Use Case Library has been added to AFEX’s API documentation! Readers will learn how to utilise different components of AFEX’s API services to solve for real-world business requirements.
  • Demo Environment: AFEX’s Demo environment endpoints will now be included in AFEX’s API document collection when downloaded via Postman. It will also be configurable so that users can add their Demo API Key to their own version of the Demo environment.
  • Pre-Request Scripts: AFEX’s new API document collection now utilises pre-request scripts whereby each API method automatically inherits and populates a Demo API Key, Endpoint, JSON content type and OAuth 2.0 bearer token for each corresponding API method in the collection.
  • Secondary Identification Details: Partners who use the api/v1/PrivateClient method can now populate a secondary set of identification details.
  • ‘Officer’ Percent Ownership: Key individuals with a role type of ‘Officer’ will no longer require as mandatory a ‘Percent Ownership’ to be populated during on-boarding with api/v1/AccountCreate.
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