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Feature Summary – 29th January 2021

AFEX’s first release of the year sees new API methods added to the PartnerAPI suite as well as enhancements to some of the DirectAPI services. One key addition of this release includes AFEX’s newly added ‘Prospect Create’ method which allows for prospect record management directly via the PartnerAPI. Other exciting API enhancements that were deployed towards the end of last year include AFEX’s new Funds Received webhook that is now available for client subscription.

  • Prospect Create: A new ‘Prospect Create’ method has been added to AFEX’s PartnerAPI suite. This allows partners to create/manage prospect records with AFEX before converting them into fully on-boarded client accounts.
  • Prospect Find: Supplementary to the ‘Prospect Create’ method, a new ‘Prospect Find’ API method is also included in this release in order to allow partners to retrieve the stored information of a prospect record.
  • Pagination Filters: Several of AFEX’s DirectAPI GET methods now have new optional ‘PageSize’ and ‘PageNumber’ parameters to help further filter the returned API results. 
  • Funds Received Webhook: A new ‘FundReceived’ webhook is now available for AFEX’s partners to subscribe to. The ‘FundReceived’ webhook allows partners to receive push notifications for incoming funds applied to a client’s funding balance account.
  • CP_Ref (Counterparty Reference): A new optional ‘CP_Ref’ parameter has been added to AFEX’s trades, payments and forward create APIs. The CP_Ref parameter allows partners and clients to pass a unique key identifier with trade/payment creation requests for added reconciliation and traceability.

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