AFEX API – user stories

Our API solutions can help to deliver a multitude of business objectives. Below are just a few of the ways we have been able to assist AFEX clients worldwide

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    Currency risk management

    The ability to create forward contracts enables businesses to lock-in a favorable rate and ensure financing certainty for their future currency needs.

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    Entrance into new markets

    Introducing a business to new markets comes with a host of challenges, but currency and payments needn’t be among them. Our FX API solutions are designed to support the expansion plans of businesses today, tomorrow and in the future, with seamless scalability ready when it’s needed.

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    Global infrastructure

    Making and receiving international payments on a large scale can be daunting, but the AFEX API simplifies everything, providing full access to our worldwide resources.

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    New revenue streams

    We offer competitive profit sharing, which can transform FX from a cost to a revenue stream. As a business grows, so should its revenue.

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    ‘Powered by AFEX’

    Many businesses don’t want to introduce a whole new payment system, and would prefer to integrate payments into their existing set-up. The ‘powered by AFEX’ solution enables them to keep their users in their systems, with their look and feel, but with the flexibility and power of AFEX’s services.

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    Product growth and competitive advantage

    An efficient FX and payments system can help businesses to steal an advantage in the market. Many business models are on the periphery of either the incoming or outgoing payment, and integration of these basic features into a business’s product can represent exponential growth in new users and wallet share.

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    Our API solutions are designed to simplify your business’s payment processes, eliminating the need for multiple applications and manual processes. This should decrease your operations burden and reduce errors.

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Looking to provide a payments solution for your customers?

Our Partner API enables your business to offer payment services to your customer base, using the world-class AFEX payment infrastructure and your own user interface. Integrating seamlessly with your existing systems, it can dramatically improve your efficiency and add new revenue streams.

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Looking to improve your own payments process?

Our dynamic and scalable Direct API connects directly to your own ecosystem or ERP, giving your employees automated access to our suite of global payment, risk management and FX solutions – streamlining your payments, increasing efficiency and boosting revenue.

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Unrivaled experience

Your business will benefit from our global payment and banking infrastructure

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Technical expertise

Our world-class team has compiled everything you need for seamless integration