Industry Solutions

Whatever your business need, our flexible, customizable technology solutions can help streamline your payments process. Find your business solution here.

Industry Solutions


The FinTech sector is expanding rapidly across the globe, and digital adoption and open banking protocols will only accelerate the industry’s growth. Partnering with AFEX will help you enhance your services and capture market share.

Gig economy

Almost everyone has a side hustle now! The thriving gig economy is remaking work in the 21st century as more people choose to freelance. AFEX offers global payments solutions to help your platform keep pace with the international freelance workforce.

Financial institutions

In an increasingly competitive environment, a frictionless global payments solution is a killer app. Our solutions complement yours, and keep your customers within your ecosystem.

  • Banks and credit unions: Add a secure, streamlined global payments offering for your clients, directly from your platform
  • Money Services Businesses: Expand your footprint and capitalize on growing demand for global payments with a non-bank partner
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Tailored industry solutions

Businesses across the globe are in global business—or will be! Whether you need a payments capability for your company or platform, or to provide the service to your clients, you can benefit from our secure, customizable solutions for sending and receiving global payments.