Integrated Global Payment Solutions for Gig Economy platforms

Ensure your payments processes keep pace with your global freelance workforce

The gig economy is expanding exponentially, with workers across all age groups, incomes, and skills levels joining the global freelance marketplace. Multinationals and small businesses alike can tap talent across the globe for help on a project or to bridge a skills gap.

Paying those workers efficiently and accurately, though, can be daunting.


  • Delays in payment execution and delivery can limit growth and worker satisfaction

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    Lack of global payments and compliance expertise for efficient onboarding of new workers

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    Limited ability to pay in workers’ local currency or to convert currencies efficiently

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    Inefficient and error-prone manual processes for scheduling, tracking and reconciling payments

The right global payments partner can help streamline your payments processes, reduce errors, increase efficiency and bolster your growth.

AFEX is a true strategic partner in every sense…We can exchange ideas and plans for the future with AFEX, and trust they will help us get there.”

  • Michael Brooks, CEO, goLance

The AFEX advantage

Our solutions put the world of global payments at your fingertips, directly from your ERP or accounting platform. Whether you are processing ten or ten thousand payments, we can create a solution customized to you.

State-of-the-art technology solutions:

Our technology solutions are supported by our global payments and risk management expertise and our long heritage of personalized service. Our account management and tech teams collaborate with yours from planning through integration and beyond.

The AFEX Solution

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    Unmatched infrastructure

    Established banking network facilitates delivery of more than 100 currencies to 180 countries

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    Comprehensive licensing and regulatory framework

    Leverage our established licensing framework and compliance expertise to help scale your operations and enter new markets

  • Automate manual processes

    Our systems automate beneficiary management, reconciliation and reporting, saving time and reducing errors

  • Robust payments rails

    Multi-currency capability and extensive rails give you access to more payment methods and currencies

  • Flexible and customizable solutions

    Seamless project management and collaborative support facilitates integration and ensures speed to market

  • Security and data protection

    Sensitive data is securely stored using the latest industry standards in encryption, transmission protocols, and data privacy regulation