AFEX API – Partner solution

Our Partner API solution, powered by AFEX, integrates seamlessly into your existing business software, enabling you and your clients to access our full range of global payment services.

The AFEX Partner API is a “powered by” solution that integrates seamlessly into your front-end technology, providing your clients access to our full suite of FX and international payment services. This transparent and scalable model is designed to increase efficiency and revenue, helping you gain a competitive advantage and providing an avenue for international growth.

Benefits of ouR Partner API solution

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    Customer onboarding made easy

    Registering new customers through the Partner API could not be simpler. Once new customer details are submitted, AFEX will take care of all onboarding and KYC processes, saving you time and effort.

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    Increased revenue

    As your business grows, so should your revenue. Competitive profit sharing can transform your FX from a cost to a new revenue stream.

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    Regulation and Compliance

    AFEX is regulated and licensed in every jurisdiction where we operate. Use our compliance and licensing infrastructure instead of building your own.

Why use the AFEX API?

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Unrivaled experience

Your business will benefit from our global payment and banking infrastructure

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Technical expertise

Our world-class team has compiled everything you need for seamless integration